Meditation Places in India

India being the origin place of meditation, houses many spiritual places which helps in spiritual growth through meditation. These meditation places have strong meditational vibes as like saints practices for ages. There any one can visit and sit for meditation by maintaining silence. Once you visit the meditation place, the spiritual vibrations will help you keep silent immediately. It is much easier to attain positive and peaceful mind if the environment is also favorable.

Meditation Places in India

Tao-Zen Meditation Centers

The topic Tao-Zen (complete silence) was first even aroused by Lord Buddha, the iconic meditational guru in Modern world. Tao-Zen Rama Yoga and meditation center is located on Candolim beach road in Goa. Nestled in serene location of Goa, the center offers breathtaking view of sea. They work on two basic concepts, Tao and Zen, and practice six techniques of meditation to achieve the divine power, inner peace and consciousness. Different form of yoga like Dynamic yoga, Prana yoga, Tibetan yoga, Pranayama, Tibetan prostration and Dhyana yoga, along with Tao-zen meditation, are practiced for self rejuvenation.

Dhamma Giri

World renowned center of Vipassana meditation, Dhamma Giri is located at the Vipassana Research Institute at Igatpuri in Maharastra. Vipassana is a universal method of purifying the mind. Vipassana is the essence of the teaching of the Lord Buddha who also taught Dhamma-the universal law of nature.

Dhamma Giri was established in October 1976 and conducts its first 10-day course for general public. Since then, various courses have been attended by thousands of people from across the world. More than 400 cells are there for practicing intensive individual meditation.

Art of living

The Art of Living International Centre, Bangalore Ashram, founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is also regarded as perfect seat for meditation. Sprawling over 65 acres of green land, it is ideal place to indulge in deep meditation. One can also opt for short term course offered by this institution. Here beginners can go for specific courses meant for them for releasing stress and tension from mind and to handle negative emotion. Advance courses for the meditation practitioners are also available in this ashram. Besides teaching and course offered, visitors can rejuvenate themselves through natural splendors of the surrounding of the ashram.

Ananda Resort

Ananda Resort is a place where one can reach the blissful spirituality through yoga, meditation, spa amidst luxurious amenities. Located at sacred place Rishikesh, the resort offers soothing view of River Ganga. This is the ideal place to rejoice body, mind and soul. It also offers wellness packages for Ayurvedic rejuvenation, fitness, anti-aging, Yoga session, Massages and meditations while enjoying the comfort of luxurious accommodation. The spectacular view of mountains and river soothes the nerves of the visitor and makes it as the perfect gateway for meditation, yoga and spa.